Sunday, February 10, 2013

Best day ever!

In December I posted about moving to a new place and being really excited to decorate. Well it's been a lot of fun with all the painting, DIY projects and organizing. But one thing I hadn't done was get a couch. Well now I have one! I found it on Craigslist for only $50 and texted my brother to help me pick it up the next day. Based on the pictures it was perfect. Vintage, floral, long, different-so I was really hoping it would be as good in person....It was better!!! Amazing condition, in the same house for 20-30 years, vibrant fabric and dirt cheap. They were actually getting rid of a love seat as well so I came away with two couches. I let my brother keep the love seat as I didn't need it.

I didn't know what to expect when we were driving to the house but hoped for the best. The home was a large ranch house on a huge lot tucked away in an old neighborhood of north Orange County. Before we saw the couch, the two of us wondered who would be selling it and why. I assumed it was an old couple that passed away and family was trying to sell their belongings. I was right! The house hadn't been lived in for 3 years because grandparents had passed away and now the grandson was selling things off slowly. The couches were amazing while walking through the home, I saw a bunch of other things I wanted. They said they were selling just about everything so we asked if we could look. They said yes so we spent the next TWO HOURS sorting through the entire home. It was like our own private estate sale. Luckily they were very sweet and knew that we were appreciative so it didn't bother them. I looked through every single kitchen cabinet, searched shelf, linen closet, garage, the backyard and more. It was amazing and I scored some great pieces. Pyrex, milk glass, a blender, iron skillets and more. I spent $120 and got about $500 worth of goods. My brother bargained $250 worth of tools and parts.

And what is best is they are starting an organization for pet owners with medical bills for their fur babies. I, of course, told them I would love to volunteer so hopefully I will be able to support them sometime this year.

Vintage sweater, vintae Harley Davidson t-shirt, Forever 21 leggings, Zara booties

After all that "shopping" I stopped into a vegan restaurant Free Soul Cafe near the home. Best desserts!!!!

Once home, I went through all of my new prizes. The day was so great:
finally got a couch
met some new friends
hung out with my brother
scored some great home goods
ate delish vegan food

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