Monday, February 11, 2013

New Etsy Store

After my private estate sale adventure, I realized I have much more than I need in the milk glass, home goods department. My kitchen is maxed out and now buy things because I know they are collectibles, not because I need them. I know there are others like me who love Pyrex, Fire Kings, Glasbake, milk glass and all the same wacky things that I freak about.

So I decided the best thing to do was to start selling the items I don't need. There is a huge market out there for people like me on independant store websites so I opened up an Etsy shop. My inventory is low still and it is really unprofessional (because I've never done this before) but it is fun. I have included the link on the left panel of my blog but here it is as well:

I will be adding more from the estate sale as well as things I find from the Goodwill's, Salvation Army's and wherever else I go. I hope you check it out even if you don't have an unnecessary obsession with cloudy bowls and plates like I do! Here are some examples of items I am listing:

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