Friday, December 28, 2012

Things I Love Thursday Friday

Last one of the year! I am delayed a day but it still works, right?

Snuggling with my Bubba
Showers by candlelight
Family time
My current play list of classics
Listening to my brother play guitar

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Vacation

I was lucky enough to have a week off before Christmas and it has been SO nice! I was able to relax, get plenty of rest, work on my place and enjoy time with family. As I said in my last post, I finally went to the Long Beach Antique Market with Arin and had a great time. It was freezing cold (for Southern Californians) and we got up super early but there were what seemed like hundreds of vendors to check out. It was a great time. I came away with this fun step chair and an entry table. I am the worst shopper because I needed to see EVERYTHING in the whole market before I could go back and buy what I had my eye on. It worked with this chair but the entry table was a second choice after the rolling bar I fell in love with was swiped. Of course I kicked myself for not getting it right away. Arin bought a really neat metal cake stand for her wedding next year! Note to newbies, if you're planning on buying furniture or large items, bring some kind of cart with wheels. It was a pain to schlep this thing around!

Vintage sweatshirt, Coach purse, Forever 21 jeans, Converse shoes

There was lots of family time since Brennan and Arin were in town for almost 2 weeks!! After the market, I suggested donuts! Always a good idea. :)

Vintage sweater, MAC Rubywoo lipstick

I checked out several second hand stores that were having some good sales. I picked up a shag rug, more milk glass, curtain rods and linens. My bed is now the perfect dreamland. Comfy, cozy and girly!

My dad and Angela gave me these shelves for my kitchen. They were a pain to put up but just what I was looking for. I had been searching online for a good spice rack but now I have both spices and all of my teas close by. It has been a lot of fun to work on all of my DIY project and feel so accomplished after hanging shelves and curtains, making my headboard and painting.

 I also did a whole lotta nothing! I was lazy, spent a good amount of time in bed and watched both seasons of Suits (my new favorite show). I did go on walks in the hills behind my place each day and found a great route for a daily treck. I may have been a bum but ate well-I needed to get back on track after all of my holiday grazing.

Vintage sweatshirt, handmade headband, vintage glasses, Active pants

Oh and I played in the annual Jingle Bells softball tournament. I don't want to brag but..... I was chosen as captain for one of four teams aaaaand my team won! It was tons of fun and always great to play with old friends. Thank you Graham sisters for putting it together once again this year!

Burton jacket, The North Face pants, unknown headband (gift)

Merry Christmas to all of you! xo

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Coming Clean

The last couple months have been really rough for me. It has obviously caused me to slack on postings and I apologize but I kind of went off the deep end with shopping and life. I had my October episode with Forever 21 and just this month did it again at American Apparel. I also bought little (new) things here and there in November so I can't say I ended the year strongly. I did really well for 10 months though, right?! Thank you to everyone that gave me a hug, a kind word or encouragement. It was very much appreciated.

In other news, I got a new apartment...and you know what that means? Time to decorate. So the heartache isn't as bad because I've been able to focus on moving, painting, decorating and shopping for household goods. It's been a really good distraction. I love my new place and it worked out so perfectly. I had looked at a number of apartments back in June when I got my promotion but I decided to move in with Buster. But when I was looking, every place I saw was horrible-small, in bad neighborhoods, no character, 70's or 80's interiors...yuck. This time around, the first apartment I toured was the one. I didn't need to look any further! I have a very specific list when it comes to where I live: old, lots of character and old! Sounds crazy when most people are hoping for granite counter tops, parking and dishwashers. The first thing I go for is original hardwood floors, a classic kitchen and good bathroom tiles. I got all of these, plus tons of light, plenty of storage, an intercom system for security and 10' ceilings!!! All I can say is God's timing is perfect.

So far I've gotten the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom in order. I need to work on the living room next. And by work on, I mean find a couch! I got rid of my beautiful, micro suede, red, fluffy couch while moving because I didn't want the same color palette as before. It was time for big changes and decided to make this place much more feminine with pinks, golds, baby blues and floral prints. So that meant no red couch. As of right now, my living room consists of a desk, chair and Christmas tree (duh)! I'm on the hunt for the perfect vintage, floral, 60's or 70's sofa. If I can find one with a sofa bed, I would die.

Below are some pictures of what I've finished so far. Oh and everything I've bought for my home is used-it's only new clothes I've been after. I used Etsy and Craigslist a lot and found a ton of necessities at Goodwill and Salvation Army stores. I did run to Target for things like a broom, mop, cleaning supplies, nails, etc but my place is mostly used which I'm thrilled about. Oh and I bought paint, primer and brushes from Home'll see what I painted in the pictures below.

This is my favorite place. I always wanted a kitchen with open cabinets to show off my milk glass collection. I painted the shelves myself...just don't look at the top shelf, I wasn't tall enough to reach that one.

I am kind of obsessed. I heard someone refer to it as Pyrexia, very funny. I added the hooks for all of my mugs, but need to add more.

My aunt Carolyn gave me boxes of china that belonged to my great grandmother. It is SO special and such a great addition.

Another favorite, I spend a lot of my time at this breakfast bench.

More milk glass on display. Don't forget to eat your fruits and vegetables!

Details in the kitchen.

I got this silly thing at Goodwill and painted it the same color as the shelves.

This nightstand was a Craigslist find. Negotiated down $10 but still overpaid. I didn't care though because it was just what I was looking for. Notice the milk glass lamp, also my great grandmothers. I think that is where the obsession started!!!

Another DIY project. Buster let me have that frame (he used it to case a guitar) so I painted it and hung it on the wall as a headboard. I am trying to decide if I want to put something inside of the frame or leave it as is. All of my sheets and comforter are used. I took some pillow cases from my mom ;) and the rest were finds. The chenille comforter was from Etsy and I LOVE it so much. Feminine and delicate.

Dinda's Psalms 23 and a shelf from Goodwill. It was white so I painted it the same color as the headboard.

Of course I have Elvis in my room, Etsy curtains, and more milk glass.

This guy is great, and almost new. I am convinced the first owner had too much trouble trying to put the thing together and gave up. It was a pain.

My favorite bathroom rack. It came with me from Long Beach.

Towel rack from Etsy, and hexagon tile that I love. The building was built in the 20's and I am pretty sure the tiles are original.

I got this table from the Long Beach Flea Market with my sis in law Arin. I cannot believe I never went there the whole time I lived in LB. Such a shame.

This alcove used to hold a Murphy bed but has since been replaced with shelves. I still need to do a lot of work in here. I am looking for a TV, and need to hang more pictures. But I have the holiday essentials: tacky garland, ornaments and a fake tree from my parents!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Things I Love Thursday

Taking mom's sunglasses
Friends coming into town
Native American prints
Silk soy nog
Laura Mercier Creme de Pistache scrub
The interior of the Orpheom Theatre
My niece learning to walk!!!

Wardrobe Recap

It's been SO long!!! My apologies.

Here are some of my recent outfits.

Vintage $5 blazer!!!, Gap jeans, Dolce Vita heels, Forever 21 glasses

Forever 21 jacket, (new) Forever 21 blouse, Levi jeans, Mia heels

Vintage blouse, Just Cavalli skirt

Gypsy Treasures blouse, Forever 21 leggings, Steve Madden boots, Forever 21 earrings