Monday, February 13, 2012

Estate Sale Adventures

Last year, I was driving thru Belmont Shore early in the morning on my way to Huntington Beach. I like to take side streets so I can check out all of the old houses and apartment buildings along the way. While I was on one of these small streets, I came upon a sign for an estate sale. I decided to check it out because it was in an old, 1940's ranch-style home and I figured there had to be some treasures....and there were. I bought a couple small things that are now placed around my apartment and I just love them. I thought it was so brilliant the way the sale was handled, a 3rd party was brought in and took charge of the whole sale so the family didn't have to worry about it. This company, Trunk Full of Treasures set up and organized tables full of items for sale in each room, had staff members in beige polos close by to help customers and a credit card machine at check out! I loved it. 

After that sale, I started to follow them on Facebook and found out it is a local company that mostly handles homes in the Long Beach area (perfect). One great thing this company does is show what will be for sale on their Facebook page so you can see if it is worth your time before heading over early in the morning. I was lucky enough to be able to go on the first day of the sale this past Friday. I got there at 7:30 because the sale started at 9:00. There were several items that I had seen and knew I needed to grab. Here are pictures of the sale:

A line formed around 8:30. I am glad I got there early!

I was the 8th person in line and SO glad I wasn't any further back. If I was, I wouldn't have gotten the milk glass items I wanted most. The sale director explained the layout of the house and where each room was, which helped me because I had viewed the pictures online. I was able to bee-line it straight to my favorite finds in the kitchen. Of course, I was too busy elbowing old women to take pictures of everything when I entered the house but took a bunch of photos after the initial frenzy was over.

I am upset this picture is blurry because the vintage wallpaper was so great! I loved the design and avocado color.

This was the Christmas room

 The backyard was filled with planted pots, figurines and outdoor furniture. This outdoor sofa is to die for!!! I would've bought it but I don't have anywhere to put it.



Checking out. I brought my own bag and used one of the plastic baskets they lend out so I could carry everything. They used an iPad this time to ring me up. I entered my cell number and received an electronic receipt as well as the paper. Very cool!

These are the biggest score for me!!! I have been searching for hob nob, milk glass salt & pepper shakers for a while now. I had seen similar sets on Etsy for $25.00 a pair. I got one for myself and one for my friend, Marilyn.

I loved this serving tray. Underneath the portraits of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip it says "1952 The Queen's Silver Jubilee 1972".

Cameo night light

Here is where I placed some of them


If you are interested in going to an estate sale, you don't have to go to one held thru Trunk Full of Treasures. You can look in the Pennysaver or online to find one near you. If you are wondering if they are the same as garage sales, I don't think so. They are better because estate sales typically take place after someone has passed away and a family wants to liquidate everything inside the loved one's home. This means you can usually find older items, collectibles and vintage finds the person has held on to over several decades. Garage sales are normally done when people are moving or need to clear out junk to make room for more junk!