Friday, April 26, 2013

Straight [Road] Trippin!

Two weeks ago I completed a 6,000 mile road trip with my brother. It was for the fun of it but also because our other brother was getting married in North Carolina. We mapped it out to be completed in 11 days and included 3 days in NC for the wedding and family time The trip allowed us to stop into some places we never would have seen otherwise, meet really neat people, eat some amazing food, listen to excellent music and appreciate the beautiful sunsets and landscapes God has given us! The states we drove thru were in this order:

Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma,
Arkansas, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina,
South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi,
Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California

Being the parsimonious person that I am, I was able to get us great rates at hotels along the way. We got 4 free nights and an amazing rate of $39 for 2 nights at our overnight stops. While in NC, we stayed at Brennan & Arin's beautiful and brand new, four bedroom home! The only thing that really took a toll on our pocketbooks was gas. Once we got to NC though, we took the roof rack off my car which really helped us get better gas mileage. It was such a great trip and I am so glad we did it instead of flying. I took a ton of photos along the way to chronicle the madness. Here are a few of them:

The start of our adventure-Ozzie the dog did not join us.
Vintage shirt, Merrell long sleeve, Active pants, Asics running shoes, Raen sunglasses

We met up with our cousin in Arizona

Forever 21 beanie, blouse and leggings, vintage flannel, H&M flats 

Ummmm, there was nothing to do while driving through Texas so I entertained myself.
Vintage flannel, Raen sunglasses

My "happy to find an antique store" face.

Forever 21 jacket and shoes, vintage blouse, American Apparel pants

The married couple

Vintage dress, Jessica Simpson heels

Wrightsville Beach, literally coast to coast for us!
Forever 21 sweater and cropped pants

I was able to stop in and visit Buster Brown's family in Mississippi

Forever 21 dress, Toms flats

Met up with my old friends Keith in Austin, I loved this town!
Forever 21 jacket, pashmina from Paris street vendor, vintage flannel, Matix jeans, Asics shoes

Pizzeria Bianco - a must in Phoenix 

Some of my treasures I picked up along the way.