Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New Year, New Challenges!

You guys, 2012 is over already. It went by so fast!!! Welp, I have blogged for a year now and it has been a great experience and very rewarding-not sure how interesting it has been for you readers though. [crickets] Keeping a blog helped me stay accountable to my challenge at hand. It might sound silly but it prevented me from buying new a number of times because it meant I would have to write about it (confess to you) after. I may have slipped the last couple months but I enjoyed the challenge and felt that it really made an impact. I supported small and local businesses, elped to recycled/reuse goods, was more creative with what I could make and curbed useless spending. I also had some great adventures along the way, my favorites included:

Getting up early to hit up an estate sale
Receiving my grandma's favorite purse
Finding the perfect dress for a Dawn and Jack's wedding

There were a number of challenges and chronicled most of them but was surprised by the little things that were hard to go without. I didn't buy one magazine all year, only downloaded free iPhone apps, held off on getting a new cell phone (which I desperately need) and didn't buy any new underwear!!!! Luckily I have a small obsession with undergarments as my grandma called them so there was no shortage. ;)

2013 is starting with a bang. I thought it would begin slowly and allow me time to reflect on my year and plan for the next but it's been wild. I planned to get this post out weeks ago but work has kept me extremely busy since the 2nd. I guess that is a good thing, right? I did take time to think about how I wanted to approach this new year since my challenge was only for 2012. I've decided to continue to buy used as much as possible for a number of reasons, mainly the ones I listed above. Also, with the previous years (cutting out alcohol and coffee, changing my diet, etc) I have kept with those challenges and they work for me so why not this one? Of course I will be a little more laxed but look forward to more antique stores, online finds, swap meets and Goodwill runs. To add to my list, I have some new ones this year...I plan to volunteer my time once a month to different charities, non-profits and anywhere else that could use some help. I think it will be a great way to push myself to serve others and get me to be more productive with my downtime. Oh and I've given up swearing and plan to put $5 in a jar every time I slip. I've already had to pay $65 so I am deciding whether I will buy a house or new car at the end of the year! kidding

I figure this blog will transform into posts about great finds, adventures, volunteer gigs, baking, DIY projects and whatever else I fancy. If you have ideas or feedback, I'd love to hear it otherwise stay tuned for more nonsense. Happy New Year to all of you!!!!! xo 

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  1. It's amazing the things we can do if we just set our mind to it, but I sooooo couldn't afford to stop swearing - lol!