Friday, June 15, 2012

Crazy for kitties

I have been searching for used pairs of either the Jeffrey Campbell Lita or Damsel in this amazing cat tapestry. I haven't found them in my size yet but I'll continue to search. I'm sure by the time I do find a pair and purchase them, they will be completely out of style and old news...but I don't care! I love them and I love kitties. :)

Jeffrey Campbell Lita

Jeffrey Campbell Damsel

Recently my aunts, cousins, mom and myself went through all of my grandmother's possessions (5 months later but it was the right time) and divided everything up amongst our families. We were able to go through pictures, jewelry, furniture and silly little things that made us laugh. There were only a few special keepsakes I really wanted but found one that I had to have. I am now the proud owner of this purse/backpack and I love it!

The bag reminds me of the mid 90's when everyone was using small backpacks for purses, to go with their baby doll tees and knee highs. It is completely on trend with the corky Jeffrey Campbell shoes. I guess if I’m not able to find my useroo Litas or Damsels, I still have this amazing purse with sentiment and a story. That is good enough for me!

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