Monday, July 16, 2012

Homemade Hummus

Leading up to my move, I spent all of my time packing, sorting and organizing my life so it didn't leave much time for the little things I love. This past weekend was the first in a while where I was able to relax and enjoy some downtime! I hiked, checked out a new church and played around in my new kitchen! Hummus is my current snack of choice; it's easy to make, vegan and really good for you. Here is how I whipped it together:

 hand mash chick peas
(mix a small amount of tahini paste with water first to create a dressing consistency)
lemon juice
olive oil
sea salt & pepper
a hand mixer to make it creamier


I enjoyed it as an afternoon snack. It is great plain but I added garlic and soy Parmesan to spruce it up. You can also try: pesto, cayenne pepper, ground jalapenos or bell peppers, tomatoes and more. If you experiment with flavors, let me know what you throw in it!

I also made a red velvet cake.....definitely not vegan!
Note all the milk glass...OBSESSED.


  1. YUM!!! I've been looking for a good hummus recipe for a while! maybe i can add some bacon to it for a non vegan, non healthy alternative :)

    I hope you love your new Apt!

    1. Ha! Thanks Olive. Tell me how your NHA works out.