Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tailor Me!

I am headed back to North Carolina for my brother and Arin's wedding next month. I knew I wanted to get a new dress for the occasion but didn't have a vision of what that dress would be. Normally I have an idea of what I think would work best, a color, something! But I couldn't decide if I wanted new or used, black or something appropriate for spring, etc.

Of course I went to my regular Forever 21 to see what they had to offer. They can always offer something cheap enough to wear once and feel it's gotten it's use and I always find something. I tried on a super cute, summery, pastel dress and fell in love with the color. I never wear sea foam green but it caught my eye and so glad it did. It also had black details and adorable daisies sewn all over. As much as I loved the dress it didn't fit right, was too short and wasn't flattering for me BUT I did come away deciding on the color I wanted to wear.

Looking rough - Forever 21 dress, sexy Active socks

I later went to an amazing thrift store down the street from my place. I found this dress in the same color, longer length and lace sleeves! It was perfect, except about 4 sizes too big!!! I got it for a steal and decided I would try to get it tailored. I fashon showed it on again at my parents' house and think it will be exactly what I wanted once it is altered. The best part is the price of the dress and the alterations comes out to less than most dresses I get for special occasions! Can't wait to see how it turns out. :)

Vintage dress, Sam Edelman heels

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