Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Early AM REI Sale

I went to another REI Garage Sale this past weekend and I have to say it was a completely different experience from the previous sale. I wanted to get a new pair of running shoes but really didn't need anything. I got up much earlier this time, made it to the store by 5:45 and sat in line until 10AM!!! Crazy I know but it's fun to experience the thrill of a good sale.

No one was camped out this time and I claimed my spot as third in line! Luckily I had a blanket with me because it was pretty chilly! I made friends with the guys in front and in back of me so they held my spot so I could run to get a tea and use a restroom. Peet's Coffee has vegan cookies so of course I ate one for breakfast!!

I managed to snag some pretty good things but once I tried them on, not everything fit. The shoes I ended up buying were actually too big (and pink) so I gave them to my mom which means I am back to square one but I'm sure I'll find a good deal soon. The snow boots were pretty great and half off. In the end, I purchased over $300 worth of gear and got at least a 60% discount. On the way home, I celebrated with a slice of vegan pizza from Whole Foods!!!

Forever 21 beanie, sunglasses and jacket, pashmina from Paris, Burton gloves, The North Face running pants, Brooks running shoes, Nene Bags purse

Salomon running shoes, The North Face snow boots, Merrel pullover, IronMan socks, Smartwool socks

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