Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Vacation

I was lucky enough to have a week off before Christmas and it has been SO nice! I was able to relax, get plenty of rest, work on my place and enjoy time with family. As I said in my last post, I finally went to the Long Beach Antique Market with Arin and had a great time. It was freezing cold (for Southern Californians) and we got up super early but there were what seemed like hundreds of vendors to check out. It was a great time. I came away with this fun step chair and an entry table. I am the worst shopper because I needed to see EVERYTHING in the whole market before I could go back and buy what I had my eye on. It worked with this chair but the entry table was a second choice after the rolling bar I fell in love with was swiped. Of course I kicked myself for not getting it right away. Arin bought a really neat metal cake stand for her wedding next year! Note to newbies, if you're planning on buying furniture or large items, bring some kind of cart with wheels. It was a pain to schlep this thing around!

Vintage sweatshirt, Coach purse, Forever 21 jeans, Converse shoes

There was lots of family time since Brennan and Arin were in town for almost 2 weeks!! After the market, I suggested donuts! Always a good idea. :)

Vintage sweater, MAC Rubywoo lipstick

I checked out several second hand stores that were having some good sales. I picked up a shag rug, more milk glass, curtain rods and linens. My bed is now the perfect dreamland. Comfy, cozy and girly!

My dad and Angela gave me these shelves for my kitchen. They were a pain to put up but just what I was looking for. I had been searching online for a good spice rack but now I have both spices and all of my teas close by. It has been a lot of fun to work on all of my DIY project and feel so accomplished after hanging shelves and curtains, making my headboard and painting.

 I also did a whole lotta nothing! I was lazy, spent a good amount of time in bed and watched both seasons of Suits (my new favorite show). I did go on walks in the hills behind my place each day and found a great route for a daily treck. I may have been a bum but ate well-I needed to get back on track after all of my holiday grazing.

Vintage sweatshirt, handmade headband, vintage glasses, Active pants

Oh and I played in the annual Jingle Bells softball tournament. I don't want to brag but..... I was chosen as captain for one of four teams aaaaand my team won! It was tons of fun and always great to play with old friends. Thank you Graham sisters for putting it together once again this year!

Burton jacket, The North Face pants, unknown headband (gift)

Merry Christmas to all of you! xo

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