Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Total Breakdown

I went on a shopping spree! For new clothes. I know, sad face.

Last month I was really frustrated with several things so by the time the end of the month rolled around, I was completely drained mentally and physically. The last weekend of October, I was emotional, cranky and in need of an outlet. Since I don't drink, smoke, do drugs or anything else that would give you an immediate high, it limits my instant gratification. Getting tattoos is a great outlet for me as well as exercising but on Saturday I wanted to do something else, go shopping! So I did-and it was great. I started off with good intentions and went to the Goodwill for simple Halloween costume even though I didn't have plans to get dressed up or go out. I was dying to be Stacy from Wayne's World and had found a $7.99 used neck brace on eBay. I never ever go for the sexy, barely there outfits a lot of women love-I'd rather shoot for humorous. It was perfect but once I put the outfit together after shopping at the Goodwill, I wasn't having it. It was funny and hoped a handful of people would get it but knew I would be uncomfortable and feel frumpy if I wore it out.

After taking off my trial run, I went down to my trusted Forever 21 with full intentions of making purchases-and lots of them! I went a little crazy. I picked up a sweater, leggings, belt, t-shirt, blouse, earrings, rings and a scarf. It had been so long since I even stepped foot into a F21 that I totally got excited. I didn't feel bad about it either but didn't look forward to writing a post to let you all know. When I got home, I changed my Halloween outfit to something more fun. With my newly purchased, NEW leggings, I chopped some bangs and dressed as Peg Bundy. It was perfect and I had so much fun going out with my friend Jamie.

Vintage everything

Vintage tank, Forever 21 leggings, vintage belt, Sam Edelman heels

Fake cig of course....

DIY hair

I have since gone back to buying used. It was short lived but well worth it. It is fascinating how doing something you know you shouldn't do can give you such a rush. I am bummed I broke down but would much rather enjoy the high of breaking my resolution over any other outlet. I hope you all still love me.

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  1. OMG! You are human! I love you even more :)
    (& the Peg Bundy is AWESOME!!!!!)