Monday, May 27, 2013

Volunteer Year - May

I am working on finding different places to volunteer because I want to involve myself in a number of organizatins but seem to rely on North Central since I am now a part of the team. I helped out last weekend and it was another beautiful day. The weather was perfect, the helpers were sweet and all of the dogs were so cute. The first couple times I helped, I was satisfied with some good cuddling from all of the animals and walk away feeling like my two kitties are enough. This last time, I wanted EVERY dog, cat and rabbit I saw! It was bad, they were all so adorable and can't wait to love someone.

Check out North Central's Fb page to see all of the babies available. The bios you read with the pictures are what I help put together. I am so grateful I am a part of something that benefits these babies. I always thank the organizer after turning in my bios and she doesn't understand why but it really benefits me tremendously.

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