Friday, May 3, 2013

Volunteer Year - April

April's volunteer opportunity was actually set up through work, so I was able to enjoy it with co workers. Our time was spent at Project Angel Food, a non-profit privately owned company that makes meals and delivers them to people in need. Food is provided to clients with HIV/AIDS, cancers and disabilities. Food is not provided to clients at the shelter, it is prepared, packages and sent out for deliveries. The kitchen is state of the art and runs on donations only with a handful of team members, drivers and chefs on staff. Everyone else that helps out donates their time to cut, bake, clean, and pack meals to go out. The drivers deliver throughout Los Angeles county and serve about 3,000 clients.

If you're looking to donate your time but don't feel comfortable enough to go out into the community, this is a great alternative because its a closed environment but touches lives all over Los Angeles. They're always looking for help with both morning and afternoon shifts. Lemme know if you sign up for a shift, I'll try to join you!

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