Thursday, May 23, 2013

Ask For What You Want!

On my run last weekend, I saw a couple moving furniture from inside their house  to the garage. They had a beautiful credenza sitting out there already so of course I stopped to check it out. I asked if they were getting rid of these things and indeed they were! So I low balled them on a couple items and came away with a new shelving unit to house my Etsy store items. I tried to get both the shelving piece and credenza for a ridiculous price but the chick wasn't having it. She said she would rather donate it to the Goodwill than have me pay a low price for it!!! Makes NO sense to me but I guess she wanted to offer it to someone who might need it more than me. Whoever gets that credenza will be stoked with the Goodwill price since they'll sell it for less than I was willing to pay. 

Lesson - there is nothing wrong with asking. The worst they can say is no. Right? Right.

The piece is cream on the outside but inside was navy blue which wasn't working for me. I wanted something light to show everything off. I just finished painting the inside gold and love it even more now. My living room feels so much better now that everything is organized which I needed since I keep buying more stuff. I have the challenge of finally adding them to the shop to keep it organized!!!

The worst part is the taping!!

All of my goodies

I also added this shelf and kitty I got at a garage sale for $5. 

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