Friday, August 3, 2012

Do I dare to DIY?

Jessica Biel was on the red carpet recently and I immediately died when I saw her nails! She showed off her amazing new engagement ring from JT and had a beautiful manicure. I was impressed by the rock but also the nails. Silver tips?! I am in love.

Although my useroo year do NOT exclude services such as trips to hair salons, manicures or pedicures, I have really held off on indulging anything of the sort. These nails make me wanna. It also reignites the internal fight of can I or can't I? Services are something I think I can buy if needed, such as: car repairs, chiropracters, dry cleaning. But luxuries such as cleaning service, salon visits, car washes or anything else that makes life easier have been cut out. I know right-am I crazy? I just don't see the point in having someone else do it if it's something I'm capable of doing. Plus I enjoy things like cleaning the house. It's my Sunday after church ritual I adapted from my mother. I guess if it works for me then it isn't that strange.

Back to the nails-I think I will give it a horrendous try myself. If it is horrible, you will not see a follow up post!!! For fun, here are some other great manicures.

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