Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sunday Funday

I started going to Mosaic Church in Hollywood and I love it! It is in the heart of the chaotic city but doesn't feel that way at all. I am excited to get involved in this community and see where it takes me. It is on Hollywood and La Brea-two very busy streets and only two blocks away from all of the madness of the "Walk of Fame". After church this past weekend, I decided to take a walk down the famous street to be a tourist for the afternoon! The street is always filled with out of towners, street venders, performers, celebrity look alikes and more. It is always an adventure to walk down the street at any hour!


Forever 21 jeans, vintage spectators

I really wanted to check out the Bettie Page store (below) because it had looked so cute online. Of course I loved it, and of course I tortured myself. I even considered getting a part time job there for fun, so I could get discounts but then realized I can't do that. *le sigh* Since I'm not really a tourist and I've experienced all of this before, I thought it was much more fun to see a bunch of firemen eating lunch on a patio. Ignore the lopsided bun! I also saw world famous, legendary MTV reality star Mark Long trying to look inconspicuous, hoping someone would stop him. Fifteen years ago I would have been SO excited to see him.

Forever 21 top, vintage sweater

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