Saturday, July 21, 2012

Shopping in LA? Nobody shops in LA.

I was super lazy today and slept in after a long Friday night out. This afternoon I finally got some motivation to get out of the house. I went down to Melrose Ave and had a great afternoon. The last time I shopped on Melrose was in high school. I called in sick to work at Cold Stone Creamery so my girlfriend Jennifer and I could drive up from Huntington Beach to look for vintage prom dresses. :)

My first stop was an antique store I had driven by recently and it caught my attention. Of course I'm still on the hunt for milk glass and other great finds for my new place! Early California Antiques wasn't what I expected but wonderful all the same! The store is filled from floor to ceiling with treasures from an era as described in the store name. They didn't have any milk glass but beautiful wood work, wrought iron and upholstered pieces in perfect condition, amazing paintings and so much more. Also the outside has some awesome artwork!

Next stop was Wasteland were I shopped and lusted for hours. They have new/used clothing and shoes. The store carries great vintage and designer brands at bargain prices if used. There are some great clothing brands with new clothes and most are reasonably priced. Of course there were tons of great shoes that broke my heart since I was only allowed to look at them (and maybe try them on). I scored two useroo blouses, pair of jeans and a skirt. I know I'll be heading back there again soon!!!

Unfortunately all my photos are blurry from the shop.
Its probably because I was too excited and didn't want to waste time taking photos!

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