Monday, July 23, 2012

Eat and Repeat

Last week I met up with some Long Beach girlfriends for dinner. I worked with a great group of people in LB and developed solid friendships during my time there. We got together to celebrate my promotion which was so sweet of them. Thank you Libby for putting it together! I picked my favorite place downtown-Berlin. It's a coffee shop by day, great food by night. They just got their beer/wine license and I knew that would lure the ladies in. ;)

Vintage military coat, Forever 21 v-neck, Roxy jeans, Dolce & Gabana boots

Instead of a bread basket, they set out small bowls of kale chips as a starter. I died!! They were delicious, crispy, savory, healthy and so easy to make. I decided to try it at home without a recipe and was pretty successful. Here's how I did it:

heat oven to 400f
wash one bunch of kale
peel from the stalk and tear into small pieces
olive oil
salt & pepper
place in a glass baking dish
cook for 30 minutes
stir every 10
(I don't recommend storing while still warm or at all. The leaves lose their crunch and become wilted)

I also marinated tofu with a quick creation of sesame dressing, Dijon mustard and soy sauce. I let it sit overnight and enjoyed it chilled the next day.

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