Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend Road Warrior

I have a confession to make: I bought something new! It was a really hard decision but there was no way around it. Last weekend I participated in a road bike race down in San Diego. With road bikes like any other bicycle, there's always a chance of getting a flat tire. When you're riding long distances you can't depend on someone to help change it or pick you up if you're 30mi away! I went to REI prior to leaving for SD and purchased a CO2 inflation capsule. These inflators are like mini tire pumps but 5x smaller than a regular pump and have enough air to fill one tire. They're great to keep on hand instead of riding with heavy gear. If it wasn't for my safety, I wouldn't have felt the necessity to buy it but I consider this one of the few exceptions. Also, I feel like I can justify it because the store was having their anniversary sale so it was discounted!! Don't judge me. ;)

It was a beautiful weekend and I'm so glad I participated but it was rough! I chose the 66mi race and knew it would be difficult since I had already done a 50miler last year. The terrain for this race was much different and I didn't train at all leading up to it. The entire course was uphill then downhill then repeat. At least I brought plenty of snacks....

There were pit stops every 20mi or so which include food to stay fueled and water. I brought my own because I wanted to stick to my vegan foods but I did enjoy the fruit. The breaks are great because it allows you to chat with other riders, check out their gear, get tips and apply more sunscreen!

I stayed the weekend in Carlsbad at the Park Hyatt Aviara. The resort was absolutely beautiful and in close proximity to the starting line so I got to sleep in until 5:15! My mom came down to stay with me after the race. We relaxed, walked the grounds of the resort, read, napped and ate, a lot. I look like a beast below after the race. I had stuffed as much in my face as I could to get the calories and it shows. I was exhausted, layered up and freezing cold at the pool in the 80+ degree heat with my ginger ale.

Matix flannel, Vintage Harley Davidson t-shirt, Forever 21 hat, Anon sunglasses, Active pants

My beautiful mama

Victoria's Secret pants, Haviana sandals

Just off our balcony, there was a huge Birds of Paradise plant. It was three stories high and I loved it! Small birds would fly around it and some would rest on it's many branches. It reminded me of my grandma.

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  1. New? Pleassse. CO2 has been around forever; and it's a by-product of plants, which makes it vegan :)