Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Office Life

Unfortunatley, I can work 50 to 60 hour weeks when I am really busy. I got to thinking that my office should really reflect who I am more than it has for the last three plus years. I've had the boring, black, plastic business holder on the corner of my desk and a generic, clear, plastic pen holder next to my phone for too long. They were functional but so bland and stale. So just this last month, I "revamped" my office. I put it in quotations because I really didn't make many changes but it made a huge difference to me!

I have a lot of glass in my home, and I try to reuse it as much as possible and in a number of ways. Rarely do I throw out food jars, spice bottles, or any other glass container since I can't buy Rubbermade, Tupperware or any other organizers for storage. I decided to pull a couple of these items for my office to help keep things contained as well as personalized. Below are the changes I made:

tapanade jar

flower vase

milk glass for candies and a tea cup for business cards

cool vintage post cards from an antique mall

Here are some other ways I reuse my glass:
Large vase = holds my tea bags
Wine bottles = candle holders
Kombucha bottles = water bottles
Food jar = hold matches, pens, plastic bags, food storage like tupperware
Shot glass = q-tips

Consider reusing something before you throw it away. With all of the food purchases you make weekly, the jars could come in handy. If you can't think of a use for them right away, store them in the same place you would tupperware. Or you could use them as cups like mason jars and keep the lids in your silverware or utility drawer. I have an eclectic, vintage style but clear glass blends well in most settings including modern, French country, shabby chic or any other style if used in the right places.


  1. Hmmm? 50-60hrs of work + glass objects close at hand....Based on my proximity to your office, I'm glad you keep your door partially closed :)

  2. I am also a glass container hoarder. Thanks for sharing some new fun ways to use them. Speaking of Kombucha- I was driving to LA last week and was feeling really run down, so I brought a Kombucha along to revive me. I took one of my last sips and one of the stringy bacteria things was so long that it stuck to my lip and went all the down to my chest while sticking to my chin and neck. It totally grossed me out. Thought you might appreciate as a fellow kombucha lover. :)

    1. Oh my gosh, that is crazy! It reminds me of when my older brother used to swallow one end of a long piece of spaghetti then pull it back up. I'll be on the look out for stringy guys next time I have one!