Thursday, January 5, 2012

The first of the year!

Since this is my first post, I feel as if I am writing to myself but I guess in a way I am. Considering I don't have any followers (yet), I will use this to help hold me accountable.
In 2010, I began to cut things out of my life that I felt I didn't need, including television, coffee, alcohol and meat. When I tell people this, they think I am depriving myself but it has been the best thing I have done physically and mentally. Last year I expanded on my meat free regimen and turned to a vegan diet which has also been a great experience. I guess I say all of these to lead up to why I started a blog.
I already love to clothes and antique shop. I have two growing glass collections, one being milk glass. I am obsessed! It's so exciting every time I find a scalloped candy dish or hob nob bowl. I hope to find more like these throughout the year.

For 2012, I have decided to remove something other than food from my life and go in a different direction.  This year, I will buy only used clothing and home goods. I love vintage clothes and antique shopping so in a way, it allows me to indulge in these activities. I can't say I am a vegan because I am an activist, it is for my own personal health and well being. The same goes for this coming year of used goods, it is not to make a point or stand up to corporations, it is more of a challenge that I have set for myself. This means no more shoes from Nordstrom, cheap tanks or scarfs from Forever 21, workout gear from my favorite websites, crisp business suits for the office or anything from Anthropologie (I think I'm going to be sick!) I'm not starting from scratch, I already have a closet full of clothes and entirely too many shoes but this girl loves new stuff! So in a way, by blogging it means there's no turning back.....Cheers to 2012, a year of posh parsimony!


  1. I love this idea Tiyonce! I don't think I'd be diciplined enough to do what you've done, but I really respect you for it! Can't wait to read more of your blog!

    PS-PA is full of antiques, I'll see what I can find for you

  2. Good luck! Looking forward to reading about your discoveries.

  3. p.s. 36? ugh, 3 and 6 are the worst numbers!!